Filling (determines how much stomach space the food takes up) Edit

  • Light: Carboreductive Catalyst
  • Medium: Caloric Conversion Supplement
  • Heavy: Carbocaloric Eliminator

Flavor (determines how long the food's effect lasts) Edit

  • Light: Multisaccharide Dimate
  • Medium: Multisaccharide Tetramate
  • Heavy: Multisaccharide Pentamate

Nutrition (determines how large the food's effect is) Edit

  • Light: Micronutrient Supplement
  • Medium: Broad-Spectrum Nutrients
  • Heavy: Intelligent Nanonutrients

Quantity (determines how many doses are available in the final stack of food) Edit

  • Light: Hyper Yeast Additive
  • Medium: Hyper Yeast Concentrate
  • Heavy: Edible Nano Constructors

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