The following can be granted by targeting a player and using "/grantBadge 0" with 0 being changed to the appropriate number.

Using "/grantbadge -area 0" will give the badge to all players with 64 meters.

Number Title Description
0 count_5 Badge Collector: 5 Badges
1 count_10 Badge Collector: 10 Badges
2 count_25 Badge Collector: 25 Badges
3 count_50 Badge Collector: 50 Badges
4 count_75 Badge Collector: 75 Badges
5 count_100 Badge Collector: 100 Badges
6 count_125 Badge Collector: 125 Badges
7 poi_rabidbeast Quest: Mark of Courage
8 poi_prisonbreak Quest: Mark of Honor
9 poi_twoliars Quest: Mark of Intellect
10 poi_factoryliberation Quest: Mark of Altruism
11 poi_heromark Quest: Mark of the Hero
12 exp_tat_bens_hut Location: Ben Kenobi's Old Home
13 exp_tat_tusken_pool Location: Pool Beneath Fort Tusken
14 exp_tat_krayt_skeleton Location: Skeleton of the Famed Greater Krayt Dragon
15 exp_tat_escape_pod Location: Escape Pod Used by C-3P0 and R2-D2
16 exp_tat_sarlacc_pit Location: Pit of the Mighty Sarlacc
17 exp_tat_lars_homestead Location: Lars Homestead
18 exp_tat_krayt_graveyard Location: Krayt Dragon Graveyard
19 exp_nab_gungan_sacred_place Location: Hidden Gungan Sacred Place
20 exp_cor_agrilat_swamp Location: Heart of the Agrilat Crystal Swamps
21 exp_yav_temple_woolamander Location: Ancient Palace of the Woolamander
22 exp_yav_temple_blueleaf Location: Mysterious Blue Leaf Temple
23 exp_yav_temple_exar_kun Location: Hidden Temple of Exar K'un
24 exp_lok_volcano Location: Steaming Maw of "Adi's Rest."
25 exp_dat_tarpit Location: Horrid Tar Pits of Dathomir
26 exp_dat_sarlacc Location: Lesser Sarlacc of Dathomir
27 exp_dat_escape_pod Location: Abandoned Escape Pod
28 exp_dat_misty_falls_1 Location: Lesser Misty Falls
29 exp_dat_misty_falls_2 Location: Greater Misty Falls
30 exp_dan_jedi_temple Location: Ruined Jedi Temple
31 exp_dan_rebel_base Location: Abandoned Rebel Base
32 event_project_dead_eye_1 Event: Project Dead Eye
33 acc_good_samaritan Accolade: Good Samaritan
34 acc_fascinating_background Accolade: Fascinating Background
35 acc_brave_soldier Accolade: Brave Soldier
36 acc_interesting_personage Accolade: Interesting Personage
37 acc_professional_demeanor Accolade: Professional Demeanor
38 warren_compassion Warren: Compassion
39 warren_hero Warren: Imperial Hero
40 event_coa2_rebel Event: Vacca's Allegiance
41 event_coa2_imperial Event: Vacca's Allegiance
42 combat_1hsword_master Profession: Master Fencer
43 combat_2hsword_master Profession: Master Swordsman
44 combat_bountyhunter_master Profession: Master Bounty Hunter
45 combat_brawler_master Profession: Master Brawler
46 combat_carbine_master Profession: Master Carbineer
47 combat_commando_master Profession: Master Commando
48 combat_marksman_master Profession: Master Marksman
49 combat_pistol_master Profession: Master Pistoleer
50 combat_polearm_master Profession: Master Pikeman
51 combat_rifleman_master Profession: Master Rifleman
52 combat_smuggler_master Profession: Master Smuggler
53 combat_unarmed_master Profession: Teras Kasi Master
54 crafting_architect_master Profession: Master Architect
55 crafting_armorsmith_master Profession: Master Armorsmith
56 crafting_artisan_master Profession: Master Artisan
57 crafting_chef_master Profession: Master Chef
58 crafting_droidengineer_master Profession: Master Droid Engineer
59 crafting_merchant_master Profession: Master Merchant
60 crafting_tailor_master Profession: Master Tailor
61 crafting_weaponsmith_master Profession: Master Weaponsmith
62 outdoors_bio_engineer_master Profession: Master Bio-Engineer
63 outdoors_creaturehandler_master Profession: Master Creature Handler
64 outdoors_ranger_master Profession: Master Ranger
65 outdoors_scout_master Profession: Master Scout
66 outdoors_squadleader_master Profession: Master Squad Leader
67 science_combatmedic_master Profession: Master Combat Medic
68 science_doctor_master Profession: Master Doctor
69 science_medic_master Profession: Master Medic
70 social_dancer_master Profession: Master Dancer
71 social_entertainer_master Profession: Master Entertainer
72 social_imagedesigner_master Profession: Master Image Designer
73 social_musician_master Profession: Master Musician
74 social_politician_master Profession: Master Politician
75 bdg_exp_nab_theed_falls_bottom Location: The bottom of the Great Falls at Theed
76 bdg_exp_nab_deeja_falls_top Location: The head of the falls at Dee'ja Peak
77 bdg_exp_nab_amidalas_sandy_beach Location: Amidala's private beach
78 bdg_exp_cor_rebel_hideout Location: Rebel Hideout on Corellia
79 bdg_exp_cor_rogue_corsec_base Location: Rogue Corsec Base on Corellia
80 bdg_exp_cor_tyrena_theater Location: Outdoor theater in Vreni Island
81 bdg_exp_cor_bela_vistal_fountain Location: Crystal fountain in Bela Vistal
82 bdg_exp_dat_crashed_ship Location: Crash Site
83 bdg_exp_dat_imp_prison Location: Imperial Prison
84 bdg_exp_dan_dantari_village1 Location: Dantari Village
85 bdg_exp_dan_dantari_village2 Location: Dantari Village
86 bdg_exp_end_ewok_tree_village Location: Ewok Tree Village
87 bdg_exp_end_ewok_lake_village Location: Ewok Lake Village
88 bdg_exp_end_dulok_village Location: Dulok Village
89 bdg_exp_end_imp_outpost Location: Marauder Base
90 bdg_exp_tal_creature_village Location: Lost Village of Durbin
91 bdg_exp_tal_imp_base Location: Imperial Base
92 bdg_exp_tal_imp_vs_reb_battle Location: The site of a battle between Rebel and Imperial forces
93 bdg_exp_tal_aqualish_cave Location: A cave inhabited by Aqualish soldiers.
94 bdg_exp_ror_kobala_spice_mine Location: The Kobola Spice Mine
95 bdg_exp_ror_rebel_outpost Location: A Rebel Outpost
96 bdg_exp_ror_imp_camp Location: An Imperial Encampment
97 bdg_exp_ror_imp_hyperdrive_fac Location: An Imperial Hyperdrive Facility
98 bdg_exp_lok_imp_outpost Location: An Imperial Outpost
99 bdg_exp_lok_kimogila_skeleton Location: A Kimogila Skeleton
100 bdg_exp_10_badges Novice Explorer: 10 Exploration Badges
101 bdg_exp_20_badges Journeyman Explorer: 20 Exploration Badges
102 bdg_exp_30_badges Skilled Explorer: 30 Exploration Badges
103 bdg_exp_40_badges Professional Explorer: 40 Exploration Badges
104 bdg_exp_45_badges Master Explorer: 45 Exploration Badges
105 bdg_thm_park_jabba_badge Jabba's Badge of Trust: Jabba's Theme Park Completed
106 bdg_thm_park_imperial_badge Imperial Badge of Merit: Imperial Theme Park Completed
107 bdg_thm_park_rebel_badge Rebel Badge of Courage: Rebel Theme Park Completed
108 bdg_thm_park_nym_badge Nym's Badge of Honor: Nym's Theme Park Completed
109 event_coa3_rebel Event: Cries of Alderaan: Final Chapter
110 event_coa3_imperial Event: Cries of Alderaan: Final Chapter
111 bdg_library_trivia Trivial Librarian
112 bdg_corvette_imp_destroy Imperial Heroism Medal
113 bdg_corvette_imp_rescue Imperial Valorous Services Medal
114 bdg_corvette_imp_assassin Imperial Medal of Honor
115 bdg_corvette_neutral_destroy Jabba's Badge of Courage
116 bdg_corvette_neutral_rescue Jabba's Badge of Valor
117 bdg_corvette_neutral_assassin Jabba's Badge of Heroism
118 bdg_corvette_reb_destroy Alliance Heroism Medal
119 bdg_corvette_reb_rescue Alliance Valorous Services Medal
120 bdg_corvette_reb_assassin Alliance Medal of Honor
121 bdg_racing_agrilat_swamp Racing: Agrilat Swamp Track Champion
122 bdg_racing_keren_city Racing: Keren City Track Champion
123 bdg_racing_mos_espa Racing: Mos Espa Track Champion
124 bdg_accolade_live_event Accolade: Live Event Medal
125 bdg_racing_lok_marathon Racing: Lok Marathon Champion
126 bdg_racing_narmle_memorial Racing: Narmle Memorial Rally Champion
127 bdg_racing_nashal_river Racing: Nashal River Race Track Champion
128 destroy_deathstar Event: A New Hope: Destroyed the Death Star
129 crafting_shipwright Profession: Master Shipwright
130 pilot_rebel_navy_naboo Profession: Vortex Ace Pilot
131 pilot_rebel_navy_corellia Profession: Arkon's Havoc Squadron Ace Pilot
132 pilot_rebel_navy_tatooine Profession: Crimson Phoenix Ace Pilot
133 pilot_imperial_navy_naboo Profession: Imperial Inquisition Ace Pilot
134 pilot_imperial_navy_corellia Profession: Black Epsilon Ace Pilot
135 pilot_imperial_navy_tatooine Profession: Storm Squadron Ace Pilot
136 pilot_neutral_naboo Profession: Royal Security Forces Ace Pilot
137 pilot_neutral_corellia Profession: Corellian Security Forces Ace Pilot
138 pilot_neutral_tatooine Profession: Smugglers Alliance Ace Pilot
139 bdg_accolade_home_show Accolade: Galactic Home Show Winner
140 relics_event_attendance_2017 Event: Hero of Corbantis 2017
141 relics_event_chapter_1 Event: Relics of Corbantis - Chapter I
142 relics_event_chapter_2 Event: Relics of Corbantis - Chapter II
143 relics_event_chapter_3 Event: Relics of Corbantis - Chapter III
144 relics_event_chapter_4 Event: Relics of Corbantis - Chapter IV
145 relics_event_chapter_5 Event: Relics of Corbantis - Chapter V
146 relics_patron Patron of Relics