The following is information about the Berkeley Database in SWGEmu. It is contained in /Core3/MMOCoreORB/database/

You can back this database up by copying the entire folder.

The files it contains include:

  • Sceneobjects.db - Contains player characters, objects, items and other important stuff. Should never be deleted unless you're wiping the server.
  • Clientobjects.db - Contains information about anything affecting static structures. This file can be readily deleted at any time and the server will rebuild it. Please keep in mind placing objects in NPC buildings are stored here, which can cause performance issues and be lost when the DB is deleted and rebuilt.
  • Strings.db - Contains all of the strings used in the game. Needs to be deleted and rebuilt if strings are added or changed for NPCs, but will not rebuild automatically. Use "./Core3 rebuildstringsdb" to rebuild.
  • Draftschematics.db - Along with regular recipes, it contains everything crafting related in players' datapads such as learned schematics, factory run information, draft schematics, etc. Should never be deleted.
  • Navareas.db - Can be deleted and allowed to rebuild. If you're changing the terrain on a planet in any way this should be rebuilt.

Thanks to Halyn from Empire in Flames for the information above.