Ah the wonderful days of being wide-eyed, bushy tailed and being a new Relican on the server. Whether you are newer to SWG or a veteran, there are many questions you probably have. One of the most important of which is: Where can I get MAH buffs! Before we get to talking about the High-Class buffs given by doctors/entertainers and their locations. It is important to note that you can always receive a buff at the Medical Services Terminal outside every NPC city starport. As of October, these terminals will give you an instantaneous boost of 2000 to each of your primary and secondary stats excluding mind stats which are 500 each. While these aren’t the best buffs in the galaxy, it can get you through the grinding portion of your career. If your having trouble finding this terminal, keep in mind it looks like a ticket terminal and normally /tar med will find it for you. At a paltry 5,000 credits per hour, it is probably one of the best deals in the galaxy outside of Chitin Armor (if you haven’t checked that out yet… you should 100 credits per piece in the Twin Suns Mall)

• Relics of Corbantis Active Doctor/Entertainer Buffs

  • It is important to note that while these buffs are available, it is common curtesy to tip between 10,000 to 20,000 credits depending on the doctor providing your buffs. Unless you are trying end-game or mid-game content, it might be wise to take advantage of the deal presented above. Although there is no requirement to tip, please keep in mind that it costs about 200,000 for a full complement of buff packs… Also, don’t forget to tip your entertainers too!

Nearly Always Up Doc/Ent List

• Ninety-Four, Tatoonie

  • Entertainer Group Leader: Hunie or Zero (Send tell for invite)
    • Solo Group: Yes (two bull rancors)
  • Up-time: Nearly 24/7 unless a macro stalls or the twileks run out of drinks.
  • Doctor: IRA and/or Disco
    • Recommended Tip 10-15k (Regular Power Buff)

• Talon, Talus

  • Entertainer Group Leader: Reece or Goshen (Send tell for invite)
    • Solo Group: Yes (AT-ST)
  • Up-time: Approximately 12-16 hours per day. (Add Stella & Xeno to your friends list)
  • Doctor: Stella
    • Recommended Tip 15-20k (Janta Powered Super Buff)

•Tantive, Dantoonie

  • Entertainer: Progar (Send tell and you should get a list of codes… remember to /r with the 4-letter code you’re looking for. [Usually its danc or play]
    • Solo Group: No
  • Up-time: Nearly 24/7 unless Progons Macro breaks.
  • Doctor: Progon (Same tell system as above but usually your looking for jant)
    • Recommended Tip 15-20k (Janta Powered Super Buff)