On Relics, players need to have 225 skill points available as they finish their padawan trials or they will not advance to the next stage in their Jedi progression.

Admins are able to correct this mistake by doing the following.

  • First make sure the player has qualified by using "/server playerinfo [name]" and looking for "force_title_jedi_rank_01" under skills.
  • Make sure the player has the required 225 skill points.
  • Target the player and use "/grantskill force_title_jedi_rank_02" - this gives them the Padawan box as part of the Force Progression and unlocks the novice Jedi skill boxes.
  • The player should use "/findMyTrainer" to confirm. This is the NPC they'll go to when they want to train Jedi skills.
  • If a player still is unable to /findMyTrainer use "/gmJediState 2" with the player targeted. This unlocks novice lightsaber, enhancement, powers, defense and healing.