Use the following commands to bring a player from normal, through force sensitive to a Padawan.

  • Use the "/grantBadge" command to give the Jedi the required badges for 'glowy.'
  • Use "/gmJediState 1" with the player targeted. This unlocks force sensitive abilities and village access.
  • Select the player and use "/gmFSVillage" to unlock six of the force sensitive branches. Below assumes you're using Vehicle Control, Melee Accuracy, Melee Speed, Melee Defense, Ranged Defense and Luck.
  • Grant the Force Sensitive lines using:
    • /grantSkill force_sensitive_enhanced_reflexes_vehicle_control_04
    • /grantSkill force_sensitive_combat_prowess_melee_accuracy_04
    • /grantSkill force_sensitive_combat_prowess_melee_speed_04
    • /grantSkill force_sensitive_enhanced_reflexes_melee_defense_04
    • /grantSkill force_sensitive_enhanced_reflexes_ranged_defense_04
    • /grantSkill force_sensitive_heightened_senses_luck_04
  • Make sure the player has 225 skill points available (special to Relics).
  • Use "/grantSkill force_title_jedi_rank_01" on the player. This gives them the Initiate force progression box, making them eligible for the Padawan Trials.
  • Use "/grantskill force_title_jedi_rank_02" on the player, giving them the Padawan box.
  • Use "/gmJediState 2" with the player targeted. This unlocks novice lightsaber, enhancement, powers, defense and healing.