I'm dead and have no options to clone. What should I do?

Use the command "/activateClone" and you'll clone at the nearest center.

Why is this elevator/DWB/other terminal missing?

This is a known bug in the current SWGEmu build. In the case of the DWB, there isn't much we can do. If this occurs at the Emperor's Retreat, contact Relics Staff.

This bag is empty even though I know it has stuff in it!

Another current SWGEmu bug. The good news is your items haven't disappeared. There are two ways to fix this generally. First, do a soft log in and out. Second, drop it in a house and pick it back up. A member of Relics Staff, if available, can also teleport you to fix the problem.

I bought a bag from a vendor and the items aren't there!

Ninety-five times out of 100, this is just a variation of the above bug. Take those steps and the items should appear. The other five? We publicly flog somebody in Twin Suns Square.

Items are missing from my factory run!

Yet another example of the bug above. Not much of a work around on this one. Eventually the items will turn up. Patience is a virtue.

Why do I crash when I clone?

This is a SWG client bug dating all the way back to the Pre-CU days. While not a 100 percent fix, increasing the memory you allow the SWG Client to use helps immensely.

My character is stuck! What can I do?

Use the "/unstick" command. In some cases "/eject" will also unstick and bring you to a nearby safe place.